I'll be in New York For Fashion week!

From the 8th to the 13th. Please use our contact form to make an appaointment. Also, if you are a stylist interested in the work, please reach out to say hi and let me know which pieces you'd like me to bring. 

Looking forward to connecting with you!

If You'd Like to See The Tote In Your Area,

make a direct request with your favorite local dog or fashion boutique. If you ask them for it specifically, they are likely to carry it just for you. Times are tough for small retailers and  you hold the power. They want to stock things you'll buy

And don't forget...

If you are in need of custom garments, travel or bridal tailoring services just

hop over to About Us tab to contact directly and we will come to you

New custom Pet Futon covers and our classic small city dog totes available on Etsy!

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