Striking from a distance, designer Rachel Gregory of Gregory Apparel is carving out her creative identity by molding trends towards her unique perspective on graceful modernity. Delivering genuine solutions, each piece is designed for the artful mix-and-match, for easy travel, work, and life as it comes.

 Gregory Apparel embodies a refined edge provided by minimal yet flattering shapes, striking juxtapositions of texture and tone, and an organic interpretation of the female form. She does not fight the natural lines of the body; Rachel embraces them with clean lines and exacting proportions cut to enhance in quiet confidence. While her travels have taken her as far as East Africa, her great muse remains New York City and the empowered women that inhabit it. That woman is not the size 2 of the Parisian runways: she is a flesh and blood form needing something to fit within the spheres of her life, both professional and personal.

With an ongoing movement to build valuable skills learned under the great names of Elie Tahari, Victoria Bartlett of VPL, and Shingo Sato. Also, embracing sustainable practices, Gregory Apparel has worked hard to create methods of recycling of fiber and paper waste that will continue to grow with the advancement of the company.

 Lovingly made one garment at a time in New York City’s Garment Center, Rachel numbers her inspiration -- the women of New York --among her steady clientele. Gregory Apparel is delivered directly from the designer to consumer via our online store, various trunks shows and Pop Up shops around New York City and available to our wholesale buyers through and Capsule Trade Show.

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